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At this small site we sell Kaspersky Lab products:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the backbone of your PC?s security, with:

  • Advanced Antivirus ? protection against computer viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and more
  • Real-Time Protection ? using web-assisted technology to defend against the very latest malware threats
  • Instant Safety Checks ? providing an easy way to check files, applications and websites
  • Anti-Malware Protection ? for real-time defences against computer viruses and Internet threats
  • Internet Protection ? to secure your data and your money when you?re banking, shopping or surfing online
  • Identity Protection ? via Kaspersky?s Virtual Keyboard and Secure Keyboard technologies
  • Anti-Phishing Protection ? to prevent cybercriminals from collecting your personal information
  • Advanced Parental Control ? that helps keep children safe when they?re online
3- Kaspersky Pure 3.0 download - Ultimate PC Protection for Your Home -Coming soon
For the ultimate PC security solution, choose Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security. It delivers everything you need to protect your PC ? including your digital identity and your documents, photos, music and passwords ? against the latest, sophisticated malware and Internet threats. With special features that add further layers of protection when you?re online shopping or banking, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 also secures your money and your accounts against cybercriminals.

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